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How to Handle Denials in Medical Billing?

How to Handle Denials in Medical Billing?

Working with reje­cted insurance claims is a normal part of running a healthcare­ practice. Even after taking pre­cautions, doctors sometimes face situations whe­re claims get denie­d. This can be frustrating and cause money proble­ms. In these cases, it’s crucial to know the­ right steps for dealing with denials e­ffectively. Whethe­r you’ve handled denials be­fore or […]

A Practical Guide to Telehealth Billing in Behavioral Health

How to Bill for Telehealth for Behavioral Health

Telehealth is reshaping behavioral health, offering therapy from the comfort of home. But, the billing process can seem complex. If that sounds like you, this guide is here to help. We’ll simplify how to bill for telehealth in behavioral health, making sure you’re ready to get compensated for mental health services. Types of Covered Mental […]

Adhering to Nephrology Billing Compliance and Regulations Guidelines 2024 Updated

nephrology billing compliance and regulations

The medical billing regulatory landscape is always changing. Staying current with the latest nephrology billing compliance and regulations is essential for any nephrology practice. This guide offers a detailed overview of the updates that impact how nephrology services are documented and billed. Furthermore, it provides a concise summary of the new standards, designed to help […]